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Leo General Weekly Horoscope (September 18th 2016 - September 24th 2016)

2016-09-18 The day will fail to yield desired results. You can seek ways to make the day a stable one. You will strive hard to accomplish your goals. There will be many challenges to be faced for the day. You may tend to get emotional and lose your temper. Show restraint in your actions for best results.

2016-09-19 The day may not be encouraging. You may find it hard to achieve your aims an objectives. This will fill you with disappointment and frustration. However, you need to be hopeful of better results. You can find relief through practice of mediation and recitation of mantras.

2016-09-20 The day will fail to yield expected results. You will seek ways to make the day a stable one. You will be seen thinking excessively over your progress. The day`s challenges may make get agitated and worried. Avoid such tendencies to see better results.

2016-09-21 This day may fail to be a favorable one. You may have to make lot of adjustments to carry out your activities in a smooth manner. You may lose hope and confidence. You need to re-build your confidence to achieve results in your favor.

2016-09-22 You will not find the day to be in your favor. You need to be careful in your routine activities. It will be good for you to think deeply twice before initiating any activity beginning a talk. Involving yourself in prayers will give much relief for you.

2016-09-23 You can gain smooth results for the day. You will be able to achieve your aims and objectives easily. Success in all your undertakings will be possible. This will fill you with immense delight and enhanced confidence levels. Taking major decisions will prove to be good.

2016-09-24 The day will see you active and busy with varied activities. Attainment of goals will be possible. You will feel happy over your progress. You can pursue useful decisions for the day.

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