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Leo General Weekly Horoscope (December 4th 2016 - December 10th 2016)

2016-12-04 The day will present highly favorable results. You will be able to achieve your aims and objectives for the day. You will have the determination to succeed in your efforts. Progress and development will be seen.

2016-12-05 The day will present progressive results. You will be filled with feelings of optimism and happiness. Success in your efforts will be possible. You will feel light and easy for the day. It will be an ideal day to take major decisions.

2016-12-06 You will find the day to be an enjoyable one. You will be able to gain comforts for the day. You can make use of the day for taking some useful decisions.

2016-12-07 You will find the day to be an exciting one. You will have a passion to excel and determination to succeed. You will be able to fulfill your long cherished desires and this will make you very happy.

2016-12-08 The day will not favor desired results. Mental confusion will prevail and this will render you incapable to take right decisions. Be watchful over your words during conversation with your near and dear ones to avoid bad results.

2016-12-09 Not much can be expected of the day. You will be filled with feelings of insecurity and despair. There will be struggling situations to handle for the day. You need to gather mental courage to face the problems of the day bravely.

2016-12-10 You may be uncertain of the outcome of the day. There will be both good and bad results. A lot of patience is required to handle the matters of the day. Avoid taking major decisions for the day.

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