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Cancer General Weekly Horoscope (February 19th 2017 - February 25th 2017)

2017-02-19 You will be able to enjoy success for the day. You will be more brave and determined and this will guide you to see prosperity.

2017-02-20 There will be more travel for the day. Results will be little slow; therefore, it is essential for you to start planning ahead to gain smooth results.

2017-02-21 You may have to give up some comforts. There is a chance for losing a prized possession; be careful. Satisfaction will be less and this may cause botheration for you.

2017-02-22 Patience and presence of mind will be essential to keep a control on the days? activities. Negative feelings will create confusions in your mind; so keep them at bay.

2017-02-23 You may have to struggle hard to achieve success through your efforts. Try to overcome stress by involving yourself in meditation/yoga.

2017-02-24 The day will see you very busy and active. You will be able to witness highly favorable results due to your easy and planned approach. Your determination and courage will help you climb heights of success.

2017-02-25 The day will present stressful situations. You can engage in spiritual activities to feel better. Plan your course of action to make things in your favor.

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