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Cancer General Weekly Horoscope (March 26th 2017 - April 1st 2017)

2017-03-26 You will find the day unfavorable to produce progressive results. You have to keep yourself in cheer and also make others happy. Acceptance of situations for the day will make you feel light inside. Observance of prayers will help you see better results.

2017-03-27 The day will pose stressful situations. To beat the stress, you can listen to music, watch movies and this will give you happiness. Avoid taking major decisions for the day.

2017-03-28 Though you may be eager to achieve by learning new things to achieve success, your efforts will prove to be futile. Cultivate patience to see better results.

2017-03-29 The day will yield progressive results. You will have sufficient strength and enthusiasm to achieve success in your efforts. All round prosperity is seen generally.

2017-03-30 The day will yield favorable results. You will find new ways to increase your financial wealth. The day can bring you some unexpected benefits relating to your wealth.

2017-03-31 The day will produce the desired results you long for. Your personal efficiency will lead to productive outcomes. You can also make use of the day for long term planning. You can attain relief by involving yourself in spiritual matters of interest.

2017-04-01 You will find the day to be an optimistic one. You will be able to fulfill your cherished ambitions. You will also be in a position to gain new contacts and friends.

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