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August Horoscope for Capricorn

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General Overview:   You will be able to enjoy comforts. You will enjoy good gains if you are in a profession that requires speculations or in entertainment industry. If you are in service, you will receive favors from superiors, or get promoted or get a raise in salary. Your rivals will be subdued and you will earn good reputation. This month is very suitable for realizing your personal goals. Status of working women may improve.

August Horoscope for Capricorn - Love / Marriage:  You will spend a highly enjoyable time with all family members; and you could be engaged in some celebrations in your family. Couples will see better time regarding conjugal bliss. If you are in love with someone, you will grow closer and this may lead to a happy marriage.

Divine Technique for Marital Harmony: Perform Uma Maheshwara Pooja

August Horoscope for Capricorn - Finance:  You will receive favors and benefits from your higher authorities, and you will find good prospects for better earning. You may invest in land or on a building project.

Divine Technique to Improve Financial Status: Worship Goddess Ashtalakshmi

August Horoscope for Capricorn - Career: In career you will have a favorable time receiving favors from authorities – You may get a promotion or successfully finalize a deal. Your relationship with people in general will become very comfortable and harmonious. You will be highly successful in all your dealings and form lasting relationships with worthy people. With your self-confidence you may clear all hurdles at your work place.

Divine Technique for Career Progress: Perform Homa to Lord Lakshmi Narayana

August Horoscope for Capricorn - Business: You will be able to expand your business with all-round growth. You will develop cordial relationship with people in important positions and will receive benefits from them. Reluctance and lethargy of your partners from taking immediate actions at the right moment may cost you heavily. Stock market business will be good, and real estates will have average business. Businesses dealing in medicines, edible liquids or household utility goods may bring good earnings.

August Horoscope for Capricorn - Professionals: In profession, your status and reputation will increase but you should remain careful about your rivals. Your subordinates may secretly develop jealousy and enmity towards you. You will have opportunities to prove your worth.

August Horoscope for Capricorn - Health: During this month, your health will be normal. You may suffer from headache and stomach disorders. The health of your spouse may deteriorate which may require proper medical care. Diabetic patients may not keep well, and backbone related problems may keep you stressed.

Divine Technique for a Healthy Living: Pray to Lord Sun

August Horoscope for Capricorn - Students: Students will get expected ranks in competitive exams; in-fact, your hard work will bring fabulous outcome. You may have to make sudden and short trip to a foreign country for higher studies.
Divine Technique to Perform Well in Academics: Worship Goddess Saraswati

Auspicious dates:  3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10, 13, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 30 and 31

Inauspicious dates:  1, 2, 11, 12, 15, 19, 26, 27 and 29

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