Virgo Daily Horoscope - Monday, 30th May, 2016

Virgo General:The day will fail to be a favorable one. You are likely to face a lot of obstacles to your progress and growth. This will leave you feeling burdened and may cause concern. However, you need to surmount them through determination and persistent efforts.

Virgo Career and Business: You will strive hard to see productive results. However, you will fail to succeed. It may be due to lack of proper planning of work.

Virgo Love and Relationships:You will be very sensitive in your approach with your partner. These sensitive feelings will fail to create conditions of happiness with your partner.

Virgo Money and Finances: You will suffer due to lack of sufficient amount of money for the day. You may need to manage your finances effectively. However, there will be neither profit nor loss.

Virgo Health: You will be prone to anxiety and tension for the day. This may affect your health. It is important to overcome such feelings.

Legend: 1-Below Average, 2-Average, 3-Good, 4-Very Good, 5-Excellent

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