Invite the Energy of Hanuman into Your Life
Hanuman’s Birthday - January 1st, IST

Hanuman Jayanthi 2014

There are only 2 Gods with the power to control the 9 planets, and especially the influence of Saturn. Lord Hanuman is one of them. His powers are so great that even Saturn fears to influence him or his devotees. Those who pray to Hanuman are not troubled by the planets as all 9 planets are deeply indebted to Hanuman.

Hanuman was born on a New Moon day under the Moola Nakshatra. He is considered the hero of heroes as well as the servant of servants. He is totally selfless and without his own agenda. His power is so great that he controls Saturn with his tail, but really he controls Saturn with his Love. Saturn loves and respects Hanuman so much that he can not bring himself to harm those who are under his protection.

Birthdays of the Archetypes are special as the Archetype is close to the Earth on that day and it provides you with an opportunity to establish a heart connection with the Deity. A heart connection means the archetype is alive for you and can help you in tangible ways. His Birthday is on January 1st, IST.

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Power Rituals on Hanuman's Birthday

Energized Hanuman Yantra

The energized Hanuman yantra will guard you against all dangers and strengthen you with courage and knowledge. Lord Hanuman’s unflinching energy will power up your life line and stimulate your inner spirits. He will protect you from the malefic effects of Saturn, if Saturn is unstably placed in your Birth Chart. Offering your prayers to the energized Hanuman Yantra will relieve you from incurable illnesses, laziness and bless you with longevity, courage, productivity and effective communication skills.

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Hanuman's Birthday - January 1st 2014, IST

On this day, Moon transits in the Star Moola governed by Ketu. The Moon sign lord is Jupiter. The Moon, Mercury and the Sun are in direct influence of Jupiter. Moreover , Mercury and Jupiter have exchanged signs. The luminaries are receiving the aspect from Jupiter, Saturn and Mars. These planetary combination will bless with spiritual and financial growth. This is a good day to receive blessings of ancestor and to do food feeding. The word Moola means “the root”. So this day is very powerful day to get connected with the divine.

Hanuman Jayanthi also spelled as Hanuman Jayanti, celebrated to commemorate the birth of Lord Hanuman, is an important festival of the Hindus. Hanuman, an ardent devotee of Lord Rama, is worshipped for his unflinching devotion to the God. In folk tradition, Hanuman is considered a deity with magical powers and the ability to conquer evil spirits. He is a true epitome of devotion and dedication. Hanuman is a perfect example of how humans can evolve to life free from ignorance, pain and suffering. According to Vedic Mythology, he has the power of inducing fear in enemies and of destroying fear in friends.

Lord Hanuman is the eleventh Rudra or the divine incarnation of Lord Shiva. He is also known as the Monkey God as his face resembles that of a monkey. The Monkey Faced God helps to protect you from both foreseen and unforeseen dangers, as well. He is the symbol of strength and steadfastness and his divine power will provide you with courage and inner peace. He can assume any form at will, dart through the air and possesses the ability to move rocks and mountains.

The Legend behind Hanuman’s Immortality

According to the epic Ramayana, Lord Hanuman was sent to Sri Lanka to know the state of Sita to assure her that Lord Rama will soon come over to save her. Hanuman reached Sri Lanka and saw a very worried Sita sitting in a garden. He appeared before her and tried to convince, bringing all the details of her life with Rama. But, Sita took him as Ravana in disguise and did not believe her words until Hanuman gave her the ring of Sri Rama. She became overwhelmed with joy and the memories of Rama on seeing the ring. She felt sorry for suspecting Hanuman and at once called him as Maruti and blessed that he will be immortal as long as the world exists. It is believed that Hanuman, the power of humility is still around us.

Hanuman is famous in many parts of the world for his role in the epic story The Ramayana, the heroic tale of the incarnation of Vishnu as Lord Rama. Although enlightened himself, Hanuman serves Rama out of love and is instant to perform miracles to comply with any of Rama’s requests.

Hanuman, a true hero of heroes, can teach us humility, an important spiritual quality as without humility, all spiritual progress stops.

Chanting or writing the name Rama is a very fast, effective way to bring in Hanuman’s presence as his devotion to Rama is so strong. Hanuman wants to bring relief this year to people who are feeling overwhelmed. All of us can spend some time in our own local area when the Moon is in the star of Moola near the New Year chanting or writing the name Rama and asking for blessings for 2014 from Hanuman.

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