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Full Moon & Moola Star: July 1st, IST
Full Moon in Moola Destroys Your Past Life of Mediocrity

The occurrence of Full Moon, when the Moon is in the star of Moola, Lord Shiva gives super intelligence to human beings to destroy ignorance. Moola is star of foundational, root energies, and it is a star aligned with the Galactic Center of the Milky Way.

In the history of Southern India, Shiva performs the miracle of transforming foxes into horses under the Moola star. In yogic lore, fox and horse are symbols signifying the biological and neurological transformation from base to the apex. It’s like a donkey becoming a stallion, a caterpillar becoming a butterfly, poor becoming rich or sick becoming healthy.

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Full Moon and Moola Star

The Full Moon occurs when the Sun and moon are 180 degrees apart. It’s important to be very conscious about the movement of the Sun and the Moon; particularly as they are the planets that govern the earth plane, more than any other celestial object.

Full Moons come and go. However, the upcoming Full Moon in Moola allows you to transform your destiny from mediocrity to excellence. Moola has tremendous energy that destroys negativity and clears the way for new opportunities in career, finance, health, romance, success in business and so many good things. It does this by clearing away past life karma that accepts mediocrity in any area of your life. On this day the Moon will be opposite to Mars, creating Chandra-Mangala Yoga. This yoga will give you energy and ambitious goals.

This particular Full Moon happening on July 1st, 2015 (IST) is not to be missed. Why? Because it opens a portal that takes you back to the beginning of time! That’s why this Full Moon is a very important Full Moon which no one will want to miss. Moola means beginning. On this Full Moon night, through the Moon’s alignment with this star Moola, you have access to the black hole in the center of our galaxy. Moola allows you to go directly into the black hole within your own soul and cleanse all mediocre destinies and then start a new life. Offering Prayers to Lord Shiva and Ganesha on this upcoming Full Moon day (July 1st, IST) will help you receive their blessings.