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One Year Detailed Health & Well Being Report

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Our Health astrologer can give you an accurate and precise insight of what year ahead has in store for your health. A careful evaluation of your Birth Chart will reveal the planetary positions of Sun, Saturn and Mars (who regulate health and diseases) in the following houses:

The 1st house - reveals general well being of a person

The 5th house - tells whether you will be cured from diseases or not

The 6th house - represents your health and physical fitness

The 8th house - indicates chances of accidents, surgery, etc.

The 11th house - mentions total cure from all diseases.

The 12th house - indicates chances of hospitalization

So get your detailed month to month health forecasts on what to expect for the year ahead. This forecast will give you peace of mind and knowledge on how to avoid possible challenging health circumstances by alerting you to the timings of potential health compromising conditions. This forecast will also give you the best days to consult a doctor or to undergo a hospital stay. You may include 2 questions for our astrologer to focus more on your health forecast. Our 2014 health and well being forecast also include suggestions for mantras, yantras and powerful remedies.