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One Year Detailed Career Report

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Are you doubtful about your career status for the year ahead? Well, Vedic Astrology seems to have the right solution. By analyzing your planetary positions in the 2nd, 6th and 10th houses, Vedic astrologers can give you an intelligent insight into what the impending 12 months has in store for your career.

Planetary positioning of Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury and Sun in specific houses can strongly determine the destiny of your career. The significance of these specific houses:

The 2nd house - reveals income through profession or career

The 6th house - tells you about the day to day services & employment

The 10th house - is the house of career and will inform you about your job status

So get your detailed month to month career forecasts on what to expect for the year ahead. We will analyze your career status including salary increases, potential advancements in your position, new job opportunities and your work environment, which will help you avoid unfavorable career situations. Our 2014 career forecast also includes suggestions for mantras, yantras and powerful remedies.