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Monthly Forecast for July 2015


How are the planets going to influence your career, health, money and relationships in the next 30 days? Here are some general predictions for the 12 Moon signs:- Aries: This month you will experience new changes in your professional life. You will have peaceful time and enjoy […]

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Aadi Amavasya 2015: Honor Your Ancestors


As the only process of attaining mukti from this cycle of birth and death, Pind Daan done helps in freeing the atma (spirit) of the dead to become free from this circle of rebirth.~ Bhagawad Gita 1.42 Aadi is the Tamil month that falls from mid-July to […]

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Characteristics of Punarvasu Nakshatra


About Punarvasu Nakshatra Punarvasu is the seventh nakshatra out of 27 in the constellation. The ruling planet of this nakshatra is Jupiter and Jupiter makes the natives knowledgeable and cultured. The presiding deity is Mother Aditi, the Goddess of 12 Adityas. She makes Punarvasu natives sensitive and […]

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Jupiter Transit in Leo 2015


Jupiter Transit in 2015 is a time of great transformation. It ushers in good beginnings with bright prospects. Every transit creates a profound effect in the lives of human beings. Each year, Jupiter moves from one zodiac sign to another. Jupiter will leave Cancer and enter into […]

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Characteristics of Moola Nakshatra


About Moola Nakshatra Moola Nakshatra is the 19th nakshatra in the constellation of 27 nakshatras. Moola nakshatra is the foundation star that comes under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius. The symbol of Moola star is, ` Tied Bunch of Roots`. The planetary ruler of this nakshatra is […]

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Monthly Forecast for June 2015


How are the planets going to influence your career, health, money and relationships in the next 30 days? Here are some general predictions for the 12 Moon signs:- Aries: You will have environment of peace and happiness at your place. Try to maintain stability and balance in […]

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Celebrating Father’s Day


“When I grow up I want to be like daddy!” – It is a cherished dream for many kids who are full of admiration for their fathers. Father is their role model, especially in households where fathers are the heads of families, fulfilling their responsibilities with love […]

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Should We Worship Hindu Goddess Lakshmi only for Wealth


Goddess Lakshmi is perhaps the most popular Goddess, widely worshipped in all households across India. She is popularly known as the Goddess of Wealth who mitigates poverty and brings material prosperity. But, we often miss out essence of her energy that makes her Divine, the fact that […]

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Monthly Forecast for May 2015


Even before you realize you are already on the 5th month of the year! Wouldn’t you not want to know what to expect and what not to expect in the next 30 days of your life? We tell you all that you would go through in the […]

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Realize Your Strengths to Get the Dream Job


Choosing the right career is very essential for each one of us and one of the main steps toward this is to get through the interview process successfully. In this article, we tell you what your strengths are as per your Moon sign and which are the […]

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