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Mercury Direct in Sagittarius: 3 Tips for a Month of Happiness

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Glitches galore are common during Mercury’s retrograde. Learn 3 tips to fix it all and have a better life fast. Phew, it’s been hard with Mercury retrograde. In fact, in the last few weeks this planet’s backward motion confused most with communication going awry, gadgets breaking, objects […]

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Venus in Sagittarius: 6 Ways to Enjoy This Transit


Venus is Sagittarius will be in Sagittarius until mid-February. Learn 6 tips for happiness. Until mid-February, the planet of love will travel in the sign and domain of Jupiter that rules philosophy, higher humanistic studies and religious thought. This sign is Dhanusha (in Sanskrit) or Sagittarius, as […]

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January Horoscope 2016 – All Moon Signs


Dear Aries, In January, you’ll feel satisfied thanks to your successful achievements when you make a few tweaks to your plans. As a result, you’ll feel both happy and energized. If you’re looking for a new job, you’ll get it now. Your finances look bright and you […]

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Leo: Characteristics and Personality


Your talents shine in creative endeavors and your educational activities command respect and admiration, dear Leo. Few can claim your mastery of public life. Whether you pursue a career in cinematography or other performing arts, or the political arena, your natural leadership will secure respect and honors. […]

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Cancer: Characteristics and Personality


You’re possibly the most nurturing and sensitive person in the zodiac, dear Cancer. You’re truly gifted at providing a safe haven for your family and your loved ones and you’re even protective towards your country. Your sympathetic nature makes you a favorite of all those who are […]

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Aries: Characteristics and Personality


Few people are as adventurous and courageous as you are, dear Aries. You are both the innocent child and teenager of the zodiac. Others remember you for your willful approach in everything you do. You’re a born leader and don’t like being bossed or ruled by others—and […]

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Characteristics and Personality of virgo


How does it feel to be the zodiac’s most organized and tidiest person, dear Virgo? We are in awe for your neat and perfect work and living environment. And although it takes you double the work others put in the same tasks, you don’t mind. “What’s the […]

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Gemini: Characteristics and Personality


Hold onto your hat, dear Gemini. Your endless curiosity takes you on many different trips and you love exploring through search engines. The truth is others can’t keep up with your constant desire for change, but you just smile and delve into your tech studies, because—let’s face […]

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Characteristics of Rohini Nakshatra


Rohini nakshatra is called the Star of Ascent. It falls under the zodiac sign of Taurus. The ruling planet of this nakshatra is Moon or Chandra. The presiding deity of Rohini is Brahma. The other name for Rohini is Suravi – celestial cow. It is the fourth […]

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Pisces: Characteristics and Personality


Your friendly and inspired nature allows you to connect with all kinds of individuals and cultures. At times, your eyes give out a pensive or dream-like glance, but those who perceive you as absent-minded are in for a surprise. In fact, you notice everything, dear Pisces. You’ve […]

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Capricorn: Characteristics and Personality


Dear Capricorn, your perseverance and follow through are two solid pillars of your successful life, both professionally and personally. These qualities, in addition to your sound work ethic and tenacious approach, make you stand tall in your chosen field and society. You often reach professional pinnacles that […]

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Characteristics of Krittika Nakshatra


About Krittika Nakshatra Krittika is the third nakshatra out of 27 in the constellation. The shape of this nakshatra is like a tool, which stands for creation and annihilation of emotional desires. The presiding deity of this nakshatra is Agni, fire God. Hence it is known as […]

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