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Summer Serpent Festivals Remove Snake Curses


Naga Chathurthi and Naga Panchami are traditional Hindu festivals dedicated to the worship of snakes and are celebrated all across India and Nepal. Those who celebrate the festival seek protection against snake bites and also call down the serpent blessings for the well-being of their children, family, […]

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The 18 Siddhas and Their Super Powers: A Fire Ritual Believed to Bring You Great Miracles


We’ve all heard of the unusual lifestyles of ancient yogis and their one-pointed pursuits of higher states of consciousness through meditation. What’s less known, though, and even more mysterious is a group of perfected spiritual masters known as the Siddhas. They were teachers to humanity traveling from […]

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Jupiter in Virgo: Cautions, Joys and Help For You to Manifest a Better Life


Jupiter’s true nature is best expressed in superlatives—very large, very blessed, very knowledgeable, very intelligent, very optimistic, and last, but not least, very generous. This planet is traditionally known in Vedic astrology—the science of the Rishis and the Vedas—as the ultimate benefic planet. The recent Guru Chandala […]

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It’s All in Your Stars: Uncover Your Hidden Talents to Manifest Your Heart’s Desire


As Vedic techniques of well-being and evolution head straight into the mainstream and your life via your yoga mat and the occasional meditation practice, there’s another aspect of Vedic knowledge that is slowly, but surely, receiving attention—Vedic astrology or jyotish. Once just the domain of gifted astronomers, […]

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Mercury in Gemini: Speedy Manifesting Through Vedic Astrology


Where’s the grace? people seem to be asking these days. According to the Rishis, Jupiter is the planet of grace and ruler of higher wisdom, faith and divine knowledge. This large planet of optimism and expansion has been receiving much pressure from Saturn, planet of longevity and […]

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Vedic Technology Comes to Your Rescue


In a recent video, Dr. Pillai’s face was flooded with sunlight just as he was explaining his personal connection with the sun. You’ve probably had the experience: while looking at the night sky, you felt an emotional stirring and had no words for it. How did you […]

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A Mysterious Cosmic Being Can Speed Up Time and Give You a Great Life


Once upon a time—want to hear the rest of the story? This could be the story of your life. Love it or hate it, your tridimensional life on earth is marked by seconds, minutes, hours, months, seasons, years and long waits for getting what you want—a promotion […]

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Get Two Goddesses on Your Side: Fix Your Finances, Relationships and Stop Pain


Is some unknown sorrow tugging at your heart? Or maybe the whole world seems to have turned against you. Or you never thought that someone well-meaning like you could have enemies. Perhaps you strongly dislike for the word enemies, because you’ve made it a point to be […]

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Justin Trudeau: Gentle Northern Light


Justin Trudeau became Prime Minister of Canada in November, 2015 and made the news for announcing a gender balanced cabinet. When asked “Why?” he had done this, he endeared himself to many when he simply said, “Because it’s 2015.” He is running a country that contains 10 […]

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Celestial Birthdays Bring You Miracles


Have you ever wondered what the fuss was all about as you tried to make it through traffic, past an unruly crowd shouting names of God, intoning cheerful bhajans and dancing in the street at the sound of piercing trumpets? Despite the immense popularity of some celestial […]

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May 14: Vishnu Is On-Call to Help You Better Your Life


For many Shivites or worshipers of Shiva, loving Vishnu—the archetype of massive wealth—is a stretch. If you aren’t familiar with the spiritual Indian traditions, Shiva resembles a wandering ascetic—his long hair unkempt, semi-nude body, vacant gaze, he lives in isolation and in perpetual meditation on a mountaintop. […]

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Brihaspati or Jupiter: Your Golden Time for Wealth and Good Fortune


Time has changed and despite many recent, gloomy scenarios, you’re in for some major breakthroughs. You now have two great reasons to take heart—the first is Akshaya Tritiya, on May 8 EDT (May 9 IST)—your major opportunity to acquire ever-increasing money and gold during the most important […]

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