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Justin Trudeau: Gentle Northern Light


Justin Trudeau became Prime Minister of Canada in November, 2015 and made the news for announcing a gender balanced cabinet. When asked “Why?” he had done this, he endeared himself to many when he simply said, “Because it’s 2015.” He is running a country that contains 10 […]

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Celestial Birthdays Bring You Miracles


Have you ever wondered what the fuss was all about as you tried to make it through traffic, past an unruly crowd shouting names of God, intoning cheerful bhajans and dancing in the street at the sound of piercing trumpets? Despite the immense popularity of some celestial […]

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May 14: Vishnu Is On-Call to Help You Better Your Life


For many Shivites or worshipers of Shiva, loving Vishnu—the archetype of massive wealth—is a stretch. If you aren’t familiar with the spiritual Indian traditions, Shiva resembles a wandering ascetic—his long hair unkempt, semi-nude body, vacant gaze, he lives in isolation and in perpetual meditation on a mountaintop. […]

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Brihaspati or Jupiter: Your Golden Time for Wealth and Good Fortune


Time has changed and despite many recent, gloomy scenarios, you’re in for some major breakthroughs. You now have two great reasons to take heart—the first is Akshaya Tritiya, on May 8 EDT (May 9 IST)—your major opportunity to acquire ever-increasing money and gold during the most important […]

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Ultimate Guidance For Money Miracles: Ask the Gold Goddess

akshaya tritiya-small

Until recently, spirituality was associated with renunciation and downright poverty. That’s likely the reason many innocent people trying to make ends meet, feed their families and guaranty a roof over their heads were inclined to walk away from God. Goddesses, too, were forgotten despite being the epitome […]

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Prince: A Life of Music


To use a Native American turn of phrase, the musician/composer Prince (birthname: Prince Roger Nelson) has “walked on” the same week Queen Elizabeth II turned 90. He was only 57. NASA tweeted a picture of a Purple Nebula in honor of Prince who was highly regarded for […]

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Venus in Aries: 3 Tips to Secure Love and Happiness

venus-in aries-small

We know that all good things must come to an end yet we need to keep going, making the best of what comes. As the saying goes, “If life sends you lemons, make lemonade.” Until recently, Venus was exalted in Pisces, bringing an abundance of bliss, creativity, […]

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How Well Do You Know the Sun? 3 Reasons Its Light Will Bring You Success and Wealth


Rarely do the planets inflict as much tension and turmoil as we’ve seen in recent times. The reasons span from too much Saturnine influence on other planets, to Saturn’s position in the 8th house of sudden and shocking changes, to malefic energy afflicting the planet of good […]

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Vedic New Year: 2016 is the Year of Ganesha!


“Ganesha means the King of the Angels. Ganesha earned this job through virtue of his super intelligence and ability to produce results instantaneously. He is the custodian of the untaught, innate intelligence that we all have.” – Dr. Pillai (AstroVed Founder) “The ‘New Year’ is not January […]

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3 Ways to Stop Pain and Appease Saturn


Those who are familiar with Saturn are also aware of two inescapable realities. The first is that Saturn will test us all and we’ll face obstacles and delays. The second is even harder to digest for those with a strong ego, as it deals with impossibility—the kind […]

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Venus in Aquarius: 3 Steps to Happiness

Venus in Aquarius blog

An unconventional Venus in Aquarius is now changing your outlook and giving you a taste for the new. Learn how to step up your own happiness with this transit. Venus is now in an eccentric mood. In fact, the planet of love and happiness is seeking a […]

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Befriend Mars and Discover Your Youthful and Attractive Self


We usually associate beauty and attractiveness with the planet Venus. But often, an attractive and beautifully toned body is a gift from Mars—the planet of fitness and muscular strength. You might have noticed that among the ancient Romans and Greeks, the ideal beauty was depicted in large […]

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