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What is Royal Astrology?

Royal Astrology or Tambula Prasna is a sophisticated prediction technique that uses a set of heart-shaped betel leaves as the primary tool for examination. You can take advantage of this unique predictive technique even if you do not know your birth details, which is not possible in the conventional prediction method.

Totally Unique

What makes this service stand out from the rest is its focus on the ‘Now’. Unlike most other forms of astrology that draw on past information, Royal Astrology formulates answers and predictions based on the PRESENT.

This unique reading is an important component of Ashtamangala Astrology. Originally this was a daylong process. It’s been condensed and modernized to make a more efficient use of your time and provide you with a less expensive reading, without losing the life-changing components of the original traditional technique.

Another specialty is that you are not a mere silent listener in the predictive process. On the contrary, Royal Astrology requires your complete participation. The betel leaves used to make the predictions will emerge randomly, when you select your desired number of leaves. Some might be in excellent conditions, while some may not be as good or fresh.

At the beginning of the reading, the astrologer examines and assesses the quality of each leaf. Then, the RA astrologer will interpret and explain to you the impact on the concerned areas of your life as indicated by the leaves. No doubt, this requires an extraordinary skill from the RA astrologer.

The moment of time at which you submit your queries is extremely significant. This time is captured up to the seconds based on which the Royal Astrology Planetary chart is created.

The number of leaves, their physical appearance and everything that you pick and choose is a called a nimitha or a trigger. The nimitha or divine signs are indicative of some significant future events that are destined to happen in your life. The cause is analyzed and the specialty trained Royal Astrology readers will explain the effects.

Divinely Inspired

It’s very auspicious that this rare science has been made available to you. Through this reading you will be able to resolve most of your challenging problems. By utilizing this highly insightful predictive technology you can tap into the potential of the extraordinary times that you are now living in.

Vedic Astrology is a vast ocean of wisdom offering many different tools that can take us from the macroscopic to microscopic level of inquiry. Royal Astrology or Divine Signs Astrology deals with the present, becoming a steering wheel for your future. It is a window of your favorable time. Knowing your good times and bad times in advance, helps you increase your momentum during the good times. This awareness saves you much time, energy and money and protects you emotionally from unnecessary pain.

Who invented this technique?

Royal Astrology or Tambula Prasna (Tambula means betel leaf and Prasna means query) is a regional method of divination practiced only in Kerala, a small southernmost state in India. This predictive is closely interwoven with the intricate rules of horary astrology. At the same time, it’s equally independent from those rules. Its source, however, is Prasnamarga and is limited to just four slokas. But there are authoritative texts that explain this technique and its rules are available in Malayalam, the local language.

The author of Prasnamarga states that an examination of the betel leaves presented by the inquirer can show the good and bad results relating to all the twelve signs.

Receiving the betel leaves from the inquirer, the time of query, the nature and quality of the betel leaves, the total number of leaves, the betel leaf number (Thambula Samkhya), the identification of the betel leaf planet (Thambula Graham), the act of combining the planetary positions with the betel leaves’ nature are the critical components of the Royal Astrology Prediction process. The Panikkars of Kerala are the only astrologers who are well versed in this esoteric technique.

AstroVed’s Experience

AstroVed has been conducting Ashtamangalam readings and has facilitated more than 65 Royal Astrology readings through the Panikkars of Kerala. In the past, only very few people were the beneficiaries of this special predictive process and primarily royal families. This was mainly due to their need to come to Chennai and matching their time with the Panikkars’ availability.

Dr. Pillai has always been absolutely confident about the authenticity of this technique. He was also convinced of a need for research on this technique to reveal to the world the extraordinary nature of Royal Astrology. He also wanted to simplify its process and redefine it to eliminate geographical limitations and allow everyone to experience and benefit from this RA reading. Moreover, a RA reading is a complete process in itself even though it’s a part of the traditional Ashtamangalam.

The critical aspects of the process were identified and its essential components were sequenced and automated, so that the service can now be available to a global audience.

Special care is taken to ensure that the divinity of Royal Astrology is maintained even in its virtual form. Thus, AstroVed has now become the pioneer in introducing this reading to the world through this automated version of Royal Astrology Prediction Services.