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How Astrology Helps You to Be in the Now
Special Message from Dr. Pillai: Being in the Now

What does it mean to Be in the Now, in terms of astrology? Astrology is not simply a science of the study of planets but it is also the study of our human consciousness. Astrologically speaking, you come to a state of Being in the Now, when the Sun and Moon come together during the New Moon time. When it is the New Moon, there are energies coming into the world that will facilitate the process of Being in the Now. When the Sun and the Moon are coming in line in the external world, your left brain and your right brain energies will also come together, giving you the experience of Being in the Now.

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Be in the Now

Be in the now

There is an archetype that controls the process and that archetype is Kali or Shiva. Kala Bhairava is also associated with that experience because he brings time to a standstill and that is Being in the Now. So look for the New Moon, especially at midnight, when the Sun and the Moon are together, that is the time you can easily Be in the Now. The right brain and the left brain will merge go into Pineal gland and then you will have an experience of Being in the Now. This is how Vedic astrology is not just the study of the planets movements, it is also the study of our human biology, psychology and higher states of consciousness.

What the Siddha masters or the Yogis have to say what it means to be in the Now. It is very very difficult to be in the Now. The Now is really a timeless moment, you are not thinking about the future, you are not thinking about the past nor you are thinking about the present, so you are really timeless. Timeless means according to the Siddhas thoughtless and they are more precise, they said timelessness, thoughtlessness and breathlessness are synonyms.

The Siddha technique for being in the Now involves stopping the breath. Can you live without breathing? Yes you can. You can go to the Google search and find the Yogis who can stop their breath and live in a vacuum and demonstrated to the world that they can sing and do whatever they want to do in a vacuum. So, it is possible to stay in that state. So when you become completely breathless, you don’t die. There is another internal breathing that takes over and you still breathe. So what happens at that level is that you develop Siddhi powers.