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There are two essential concepts in Vedic Astrology. First is to understand your character and why you do the things you do. Second is to know which planetary energy and time cycle you are in, favorable or unfavorable.

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good-bad-planets Click Here to Get to Know Your Good and Bad Planets. Each planet is 'good' or 'bad' for you. Know which are which and then you can learn how to influence their influence.

timer 2 Main Planets are controlling your daily life. Your decisions and planning are either being supported, thwarted or somewhere in between. Your FREE Dasha/Bukthi Report will tell you which planets are dominant right now to give you necessary insight to navigate this planetary period.

good-bad-planets Check out Hora Watch. It's Free. A planet is responsible for how each millisecond of life is experienced by you. That's a tad overwhelming so for practical purposes, it is good to know which planet rules each day and each hour. This just means that how each of your moments is, depends on the planetary energies available.

Pair your new knowledge of hourly and daily planetary energies with your good and bad planets and you‘ll know how to effectively plan your day. For example, if Sun is bad for you, do not plan important activities on Sunday or in Sun hora/hour. Simple!

rx Once you have found your troublesome planets, you can remedy or rather take corrective actions to offset their negative influence on you. Observer your personal experiences during each planetary hora or day of the week. A pattern will emerge.

There are many remedies available to you on AstroVed. You can peruse them on the Remedies Center or have one of our expert astrologers prescribe specific remedies for you according to your chart reading.

There are also some fantastic free remedies available. Connect with those planetary energies by performing free "Virtual Pooja" or explore a Planetary Fire Ritual, and receive the energy needed to reverse your fortune with the planets.

computer Join the Free Mini Course on the home page - "What Are Your Strengths & Weaknesses? " and find out about your Birthstar, The 9 Planets of Vedic Astrology and about a Birthchart or horoscope.

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