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Every event is energy driven and it comes from the scientific saying that every effect has a cause and that every happening has a force behind it. Modern science was developed out of Astrology and the energy between planets and human life, natural habitat and our world is co related. In this page, you will understand more about Vedic astrology and its connection with modern science and how it has an impact on our life. Our panel of experienced Vedic Astrologers and writers are contributing to this Articles section. It has been further classified into 8 categories.

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Vedic Articles

Vedic Astro

In this category, you will find articles related with Vedic Astrology, Vedas, special rituals, remedies, remedy services etc and how human life is impacted by it.


Nadi Articles

Nadi Astro

What is Nadi Astrology? How the divine science transforms life? Almost everything about Nadi astrology will be covered in the articles section.


Horoscope Articles


Horoscopic analysis is the answer to many concerns such as the reason behind failure or success, constructive or adverse times, one’s weak points, health, education, career, monetary prospects etc.


Love & Marriage

Love & Relationships

Our articles on love & marriage will help you understand the strong impact of planets in their life. The category is designed to help our visitors, who come with queries on such aspects.


Celebrity Articles

About Celebrities

Planets impact all aspects of our life. Which planets makes one popular and which won’t? This section is an attempt to study the role of planets in the lives of celebrities.


Festival Articles


Festivals are many, but the spirit of festivity always remains the same. There is fun, music, dance, food, tradition, family bonding, good memories and so on. Here is more insight into the different festivities.


Planetary Transits

Planetary Transits

This category is designed to create awareness on the significance of each planetary transits or movements and its outcome in an individual’s life.


AstroVed Specials

Astroved Special

This category includes information on specific and timely rituals conducted by Astroved from time to time. It also covers various topics related with astrology, remedies and reports.