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Ganesha Arthavashirsha – Planets in Retrograde

5 Priest Grand Ganapati Atharvashirsha Homa
Ultimate Ganesha Prayer
Seek the Help of Ganesha to Minimize the Negative and Maximize the Positive

In Vedic astrology, the retrograde movement of planets is significant as each planet is responsible for impacting certain areas of your life. Retrograde period is the time for perfecting what you have learned in this lifetime- it is a time of retrospection. However, the planet’s method of perfecting you may not come in a way as expected. That is when divine help is needed to handhold you and help you successfully pass through this period of retrospection.


Saturn– This karmic planet that is responsible for making you undergo your karma of this lifetime is in retrograde since April 6th. Saturn is the tough taskmaster that makes you revisit your career goals, work ethics and commitments. This period of self-realization may be the right time to reignite your career. Connect with Ganesha for he can help you in transforming yourself and correcting your bad business and career karma.

Jupiter– The most benefic planet, Jupiter, who gifts you with inborn knowledge and wisdom, as well as wealth, is in retrograde since February 6th. Benevolent Jupiter during this period can make you revisit your financial goals and expand your knowledge. It is a time for you to be careful while dealing with monetary transactions and sticking to plans as your spending may go haywire. Ganesha can help you face these tough life lessons while improving your knowledge and financial planning.

Mercury – The messenger planet, Mercury, responsible for good communication, speech, logical intelligence and spontaneity, is in retrograde since April 10th. Ganesha can smash all your communication barriers and help you gain good karma through communication, whether personal or business.

Venus – The love planet, Venus, responsible for love and relationship, luxury, comfort and pleasure-seeking activities, has been in retrograde since March 4th. This period that tests your patience with personal and professional relationships (with your boss and coworkers) can be overcome with the help of Ganesha. He can awaken deeper awareness in you to win over all obstacles.

During the troubled times of this 4-planet retrograde period, Ganesha is like a savior, who is the Karta (creator), Dharta (sustainer) and Harta (destroyer) of the universe. AstroVed’s comprehensive package that includes obstacle removal and protection ceremonies can help you successfully navigate this retrograde period with flying colors.


April 24, 2017 at 5:00 pm PT / 8:00 pm ET | April 25, 2017 at 5:30 am IST

  • 5 Priest Grand Ganapati Atharvashirsha Homa (Ultimate Ganesha Prayer)
  • Archana (Light and Sound Ceremony) to Ekadasa Vinayakar (11 forms of Ganesha)
  • Coconut Smashing Ceremony (11 coconuts)
  • Energized Miniature Ganesha statue
  • Energized 6×6 Maha Ganapati Yantra
  • Invoke the blessings of Ganesha to win over this demanding retrograde period and achieve success in all aspects of life

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