Planetary Transits

The study of planets, their patterns and their movement, is the basis of all astrological interpretations. Planets are ever-changing and so are the good and bad times in our life. The study of these ever-changing planets is important to gauge what kind of consequences it can bring on our lives. The ancient science of Vedic astrology has various tools to calculate the transit duration of each planet, its consequences and the effective remedies through which we can lessen or neutralize the negative tendencies that we are prone to face during the transit time. Our articles on planetary transits will educate you about the importance of each transit and its consequence in our life. The outcome of a transit may vary for individuals on the basis of their Nakshatras or Moon sign or the position of the transiting planet in their birth chart. We will be taking up specialized reports on individual Nakshatras or Moon Signs and the procedures to follow to lessen the negative influences of these transits.

Pitru Dosha: Causes, Effects and Remedies


According to Vedic Astrology, Pitru Dosh, also called Pitru Rina, is the presence of harmful energies in a horoscope, indicating sins and curses owing to one’s Pitris, or ancestors. Basically, a person with Pitru Dosh has the responsibility of paying for the karmic debt of the ancestors. […]

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Jupiter, the Planet of Luck in Zodiac Signs


Jupiter is one of the most benefic of all the nine planets. It is associated with luck, growth, prosperity, and good fortune. Its placement in a zodiac sign in your natal chart determines the quality and intensity of Jupiter’s support you will have to achieve the highest […]

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Remedies for Malefic Planets in Your Horoscope


Planets in your horoscope have a role to play – to bring you the fruits of your karma. They influence the good and bad moments you experience in life. These experiences are instrumental towards your evolution and better understanding of your true self. Appreciating the role of […]

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Mars and the Motivation Factor


Mars is the energy that determines the level of courage and confidence within you, and thus how passionate and determined you are to achieve your goals and desires. Basically, your style of action and motivation in life shows the quality of Mars energy within you. Each one […]

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Saturn Retrograde in Scorpio – Slow Down, Reassess Your Commitments


Saturn, the planet of karma, goes retrograde in Scorpio on March 25th IST, and this phase will continue until August 13th. Scorpio, the natural 8th sign of the Zodiac, indicates hindrance and transformation, but it also supports regeneration. The sign is inimical to Saturn, and the discomfort […]

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Saturn in Astrology


Saturn in your birth chart indicates the area of life which will require attention and renovation. However, if you are ready to toil, he will not deny you success. His position and strength in your chart is actually an indication of how you have been in your […]

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Jupiter enters In Leo 2015


Jupiter Transit in 2015 will occur on 14th July in the zodiac sign of Leo. It will stay in Leo until next year August 11th. Jupiter is a planet of expansion which helps one to experience expansion in experiences, understanding and knowledge. Jupiter`s auspicious journey to Leo […]

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Saturn’s Transit in Scorpio – Nov 2nd, 2014


Whenever Saturn changes his location in a zodiac sign, he makes astrologers sit up and notice. They become conscious of the major changes the transit will bring about in the lives of each and everyone. It is very important to understand the energy of Saturn in our […]

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Transit Of Mars, Mercury And Venus In May


Transit of planets brings about mingling and fusion of new vibes and energies. Transits bring about change and transformation. Every time a planet travels through a sign, the nakshatras or stars they meet on their way creates a unique atmosphere or exchange of energies. An analytical study […]

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Effects of Seven and half years of Saturn


Are you running the much feared Seven and half year Saturn or you are about to enter that phase? Under such a circumstance, it is advisable you slow down and reflect on your priorities of life. Figure out, ideally, what would be the suitable steps to take […]

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Effects and Significance of Sun in Leo


Surya or Planet Sun is the visible God, the lord of excellence and wisdom. In Vedic Astrology, Sun has a vital role in shaping the destiny of a man. It signifies: life force, individuality, vitality, father, creativity, will, determination, confidence, authority, status, energy which initiates all action. […]

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Mercury in Libra


A good time ahead for marketing professionals, businessmen and creative personnel! The planet for business and communication, Mercury, moves to a friendly sign, Libra. Mercury, called the messenger of the Gods in Astrology, influences all types of communication (verbal or written), clear thinking, creative skills, business knowledge, […]

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