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Is Nadi Astrology Accurate?

The will is not free- it is a phenomenon found by cause and effect- but there is something behind the will which is free.

Nadi Shastra has been written down by the seven rishis or sages about the destinies of souls that go through the cycle of reincarnation, through their yogic and intuitive powers gained through severe penance. The seven rishis are: Agasthya, Kaushika, Vyasa, Bhogar, Bhrighu, Vasishta and Valmiki.


About Nadi Astrology

  • It reveals the destiny of man, his past, present and future, using the thumb impression and comprehensive details about one`s life is read out from the palm leaf.
  • Predictions were written down in Tamil and they are called Nadi Granthas.
  • Granthas are manuscripts divided into 16 chapters or Kandams.
  • The various chapters give details about the seeker`s family, profession, marriage, children, future happenings, disease, prosperity, family, friends, bad habits and associations, spiritual inclinations, auspicious happenings, death, foreign trips, litigation and a complete overview of life.
  • It also gives the causes for present birth`s karmic struggles and ways to overcome them through suitable remedies.
  • Predictions made by the Rishis conquered time and when the leaf is read, names of parents, current position in life, reasons for seeking the reading too is mentioned in the leaf.

Leaf identification

  • Nadi Readers say that the seekers would come on their own accord in search of the leaves at the destined time and thumb prints of the palm is taken (right thumb impression for the male and left thumb impression for female). There are 108 categories of thumb impressions that are classified by the seers.
  • To find out the exact leaf of a seeker, he is asked to answer a set of questions based on the verses in the leaf. Nadi leaves are also classified accordingly, based upon the different thumb impressions.
  • The exact leaf tells the names of the seeker, his parents, and spouse and gives out details that are written in the leaf.
  • It would be a general overview of his life in the future. Some details would correspond to the present or past. Each leaf has a different answer to a seeker.

Role of Destiny

One tends to seek this form of divination only if he is destined. Very strangely the leaf also mentions at what time the native will appear to take his reading. The native only at the predestined hour gets to read his leaf. It is very divine in essence. It is believed that Lord Shiva has destined a life for every soul in all its incarnations and if he wills, the particular soul would seek a reading to understand thelife patterns emerging in that particular incarnation.

Study of Nadi

Ganesh Nadi states, “Any genuine nadi is based on the 360 degrees of the zodiac, divided into the 12 signs, each containing 150 whole nadiamsas or 300 half amass.” Ganesh Nadi is considered to be very accurate in its interpretations as it is divided into 1800 nadiamsas for each of the 12 signs.

Ganesh and Sahadeva Nadis contain a total of 21, 600 basic descriptions of destinies of men. The figure of 21, 600 correspond to the amount of inhalations and exhalations made by a man in a day. The breath, the five elements of the body, astrological fundamental knowledge and insight are composite of nadi prediction, say the yogis.

Factors that determine the accuracy of Nadi Prediction

  • It depends mainly in the identification of the right leaf.
  • The Nadi Astrologer should be proficient in interpreting the verses in the nadi leaf.
  • Different types of nadis have different ways of interpretation. It is said by some texts like Jaimini, mantra nadis will have predictions of the future in an uncertain manner. . However there are different types of nadis like Rishi nadis, tantra nadis, and prasna nadis.

Helps understand life patterns

Though predictions of future happenings are made, many happenings can be changed by initiating positive actions in the present. Remedies, introspection, repentance, prayers change the course of action thereby changing destinies.

Rishis out of infinite compassion for the suffering humanity have written them down; so that man can understand about his patterns, strengthen himself through moral discipline.

For many births, one would have been a habitual offender and would undergo suffering due to this trait. If he is destined to take the reading, it would state the reason for such a condition and direct him in ways to overcome such shortcomings and seek a better life. It has a divine message to all who seek the reading.

Soul power

Faith plays a vital part in this predictive science. One should believe that the leaf would never be wrong as it is pre determined by Lord Shiva that one takes a reading, gets spiritual instructions and acquire the soul force to shape oneself. One suffers due to actions of unalterable past, which is to be overcome.

As Swami Vivekananda said that there is something behind the will that is free, it is the soul force within each one that helps one to be free to shape one`s destiny and Nadi certainly helps in discovering this soul power.

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  1. poverty

  2. Thank you Nitin for your query. We will revert soon.

  3. My Date of Birth 25.02.1969 at 5.25A.M. at DELHI and My wife name is KAVITA SANAN Her date of Birth is 09.08.1970 at 4.00 P.M. AT DELHI. Our both sons got expired. Elder Son Name TARUN SANAN .His Date of BIRTH was 29.12.2000 at1.09 A.M. at DELHI and Date of Death was 02.05.2015 at 6:10 P.M.(APPROX.)due to Electric Shock.Younger Son Name VARUN SANAN. His Date of Birth was 29.03.2005 AT 7:24 p.m. AT DELHI and Date of Death was 01.05.2005 at11:40 P.M.due to Intestine Infection. What were the reasons of the Deaths of our Sons.Can we get back our deceased sons in our present Birth. Please reply.

  4. Thank you, we will revert soon.

  5. What about my carrier and marriage life.

  6. Thank you, Please write in to us at support@astroved.com

  7. My wife dob 14/07/1982 12:57 afternoon mumbai born name sujata pant saklani my name bipin Saklani dob 15/10/1978 05:00morning mumbai born we got married on 23/01/2011 in mumbai since last Nov 2014 she is not staying with me asking separation and Property share I am not aware about the problem would she return if yes then when and how would be our future life together and what is the reason behind separation pls reply

    bipin 9819018125

  8. Dear Bipin, When comparing both of your birth details, we found that the Vasya which is called magnetism in relationship is missing from both of your compatibility. This is the prime reason for your separation. She might come back but you have to change yourself and give her an assurance that you will be a total new person. After August 2016 chances would be better, though you have to maintain cordial relationship with her.

  9. I would like to know when I will get married

    2 may 1987 4:12 pm

  10. Dear Divya,
    At present you are undergoing Jupiter major and the Moon minor period. Moreover the transit Jupiter is placed in 12th house from ascendant and after August 2016 it will prevail in your ascendant and it will aspect your relationship/marriage house. After this time frame you can expect some good news related to your marriage prospects. Thanks. God Bless.

  11. Can you please let me know is marriage promised in my chart if so when I will get married? Any details about spouse would be of great help.

    18 may 1984 14:49 pm , Dindigul (Tamilnadu), Female

  12. Dear Sayhyitome,
    You are born under Virgo ascendant and Sagittarius Moon Sign. At present you are undergoing from Moon major and Ketu minor period. The Planet Jupiter is your marriage house lord and at the same time it is Bhadkesh (blockage) for your ascendant. It is the prime reason that you haven’t got the right partner yet. But after October 2016 you may get your desired partner but you have to work very hard and keep all the things in place to get this done. Taking HIGH initiations in this time frame may bring right partner for you. Moreover your partner may come from Communication, HR or IT related field. Thanks & God Bless..

  13. My Dob: 26th September 1978, place of birth: Salem, Tamil Nadu, Time of birth: 10.55 pm. My husband DOB: 2nd April 1976, Place of birth: Visakhapatnam, AP time f birth 3.00pm. We got married on 1st Feb 2004 from then we have been trying for a kid. nothing worked out. Will we ever get a kid? Also I am looking for a Job, will I be able to go back to work? Thanks for the help. Appreciating any kind of reply.

  14. Hi Bharathi, When looking into the birth chart of your husband, he is now facing the Asthama Sani of Saturn till January 2017. Your husband is now facing Rahu Mahadasa. Further the 5th house lord Jupiter is with Ketu in your husband’s chart and conjoins with Ketu and the 12th house lord the moon. Due to this, there are delays for you in getting a kid. You can try for going a for job and you will be able to get back the same after August 2016. Please do Jupiter Pooja for 12 months and Santhana Gopala homa to be blessed with a child. You can contact Astroved Customer support for this.

  15. my date of birth 26.12.1967 at 14.35 hrs at Nasik Maharashtra from last 18 years I am working in mnc company but till date I have not received any promotion or good increment please tell remedy

  16. Hi Ravindra Pathak, When looking into your birth chart, it is due to the planets placement of Rahu, Moon, Ketu and Venus you are not getting promotion. Now you are under Sade Sati till February 2017. So you are facing delays in getting promotion or earning good increment. Please contact the customer support of Astroved and do remedies for Rahu, Moon, Ketu and Venus in the form of Homas for the above planets.

  17. Hii i would like to know when i will get marry and how would be my life partner from which side. Thanks
    Date of birth 19.05.1988

  18. Dear Gita,
    Without time of birth and place of birth it is not possible to prepare birth chart. The birth chart is essential tool to predict any event. Please provide the details. Thanks & God Bless.

  19. Hi, My date of birth is 20.02.1991 and time of birth is 10.16 Am and birth place is Ooty. I need to know which year I will get married. Any details about spouse?

  20. Dear Priya,
    Your birth chart is afflicted from ‘Kaal Sarp Dosha’ and other affliction like ‘Kalatra Dosha’ is also present in your birth chart. So after perfuming remedy only you can expect to get married soon and may get good husband of your choice.
    Remedies are as follows:
    On any Thursday you should wrap the following 7 items in a 70 cm. Yellow cloth and keep aside after praying to have a desired spouse. God willing, the person will get a good life-partner soon. The 7 things are:
    1) 7 pieces of yellow turmeric,
    2) 7 unbroken pieces of betel nut,
    3) 7 coins colored yellow with turmeric,
    4) 7 Janaeu (sacred threads) colored yellow with turmeric
    5) 7 pieces of jaggery (lemon size)
    6) 70 gm. yellow chana dal (Bengal gram)
    7) 7 numbers of any yellow flowers.
    Keeping fasts for 16 Fridays continuously also helps. The person should neither eat nor donate sour things during the fasts. I have observed many people getting good spouse of their choice after doing such simple and easy remedies.
    Thanks & God Bless.

  21. Namaste,

    Can the above remedy be done by anybody to get married?(On any Thursday you should wrap the following 7 items in a 70 cm. Yellow cloth and keep aside after praying to have a desired spouse.) Kindly let me know. Regards. Thank You.

  22. My DOB- 19.12.1986, 7:05 pm, Place of Birth-Pantnagar, Uttarakhand. I love someone a lot. he got engaged. I would like to know if he can come back, if not also and was he my soul mate? I would also like to know about my life partner and marriage?

  23. I took VRS from Army after serving the country for 25 years. I am now working for a radio company at Hyderabad. I also a Consultant of Solar Projects and work in my free time. Can I balance both efficiently, if not what should I do? Which one is more beneficial. My date of birth is 28 Jul 1962 and place of birth id Kothagudem in erstwhile united AP and now Telangana.

    Further, my younger son has not settled well in Academics/Job as yet. He is trying for a job in Army/Navy. Will he successful there? He could not pass the CDSE once. He has appeared once again. He also doing MCA and planningto join NAVY after MCA in the logistics wing. Where and when will he be successful? His date of birth is 16 Sep 1994 and place of birth is New Delhi.

    Can I have your comments?

  24. Regarding relationship

  25. Hi , my DOB is 03/09/1988 , time of birth is 5.55am nd place of birth is Hapur , UP . I want to know why I am not settled in my career and when can I get married and whether my husband is of my choice or not?kindly help

  26. Hey , my DOB : 03-09-1988, Time: 05:55am, Place : Hapur , Uttar Pradesh
    I want to know that ,why I am still struggling in my life and not settled yet ? Please help me out and advice me the ways so that I will be able to settle down in life and please tell me when can I get married. Whether it’s a love marriage or arranged ?
    Kindly assist me . Waiting for your response sir .

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  28. Dear Concerned,

    My Name is Muhamad Azeem Pasha Date Of Birth day 12 June 1990 Birth Time 11:50 A.M
    Place of birth : Lahore, Pakistan

    Can you Please tell me about my Carrier and marriage.

    I am in that stage of life where i don’t know what is good and what is bad for me. So please tell me about my carrier and marriage dates.
    Please help

  29. Hi,
    My name is Ekta Dubey and DoB is 10/09/1986, ToB is 20:00 and place of birth is Jabalpur, just wanted to know about my marriage time and the type of guy I will get married to?

  30. Hello,
    I am having a lot of difficulty getting married. Please tell me when i will get married. details of husband/ kids. Any remedies to have a successful marriage / get married soon.
    DOB – february 4, 1976. Time – 1.30 PM. Place – mumbai, india

  31. Hi. My date of birth is 13.09.85, time :06:35 am , bangalore. Can you please tell me the approximate date of my marriage and profession or other details of spouse please.
    Thank you

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    She has some major health problems. Can you please help us.

  33. My DOB 06.11.1989 at 11:50am…can you tell me about my career prospects and marriage time…is it a late marriage or near the cards???

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  35. Hi my dob is 14.08.1989 at 5.30am . Can i know about my marriage life with spouse details, career progress

  36. Hi my Dob is 13-07-1984 dehradun 6:10pm.
    I want to know about my career and child birth right time.

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