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Sudarshana Fire Lab (Homa)

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Fire Lab for Sudharshana 

This Fire Lab invokes Sudarshana as chief archetype. It is conducted by a fully qualified Vedic specialist. Sudharshana is one of the psychic weapons of Vishnu, archetype who is preserver and sustainer of the Universe. Vishnu is often portrayed holding the Sudharshana in one of his hands. It looks like a kind of wheel (called chakra in Sanskrit). As a weapon, it is flung at negative forces to forcefully slice through them with a spinning motion. It is always triumphant.

Purpose of Sudarshana Fire Lab: Protection from Negativity, Enemies and Evil Eye, Improved Health, Deep Levels of Purification, Tremendous Success

The Sudharshana Chakra is said to have originated from extra shavings from Surya, the Sun God. Vishvakarma toned down the Sun’s brilliance a bit at the request of his daughter, Sanjana, who was the Sun’s wife as Surya’s blazing heat and light were preventing her hugging him. From this extra “Sun dust”, Vishvakarma created a few powerful golden objects, including the Sudharshana Chakra. This weapon is said to have 108 serrated edges. 

The brilliance of the Sudharshana Chakra is said to be “like a million million suns”, and it used with serious purpose, not as a playtoy. 

Participating in Sudharsha Fire Lab helps destroy negativity, give victory over enemies and protects against evil eye. It grants purification and helps restore energies of health. It promotes manifestations of unstoppable success. 

Suggested Timings for Sudharshana Fire Lab

Our scheduler works with our astrologers to set the best time for your Sudharshana Fire Lab. In Vedic Astrology, Vishnu (who wields the Sudharshana Chakra) rules planet Mercury. Mercury rules Wednesday. In some cases, our astrologers recommend Sudharshana Fire Lab to be done during 11th Moon (Ekadasi) or 12th Moon (Dwadasi) or Full Moon (Poornima) as these are all favorable for Vishnu and/or Wednesdays (suitable for Vishnu) or Saturdays (suitable for slicing through negative energies). However, there may be other times they will schedule based on your birth star or other consideration.

Mantra(s) for Sudharshana Fire Lab

Om Kleem Sahasraraaya Hoom Phat Swaha

Gayatri Mantra for Sudharshana You May Use Anytime

Om Sudarshanaya Vidmahe 
Maha-Jwaalaya Dhimahi
Tanno Chakra Prachodayat 

Benefits of Sudharshana Fire Lab: 

  • Protection from enemies and evil eye
  • Healing and rejuvenation of health
  • Relief from unexplainable sufferings and worries
  • Victory and success with manifestations
  • Purification from toxic energies
  • Helps to achieve sincere desires, including prosperity
Beneficiaries of Sudharshana Fire Lab:

  • Anyone needing relief from intense problems due to enemies or evil eye
  • Anyone seeking healing from fever or other health issues
  • Anyone requiring protection from strong negative interference, whether waking state, dream state or sleep state
  • Anyone focused on a strong victory or successful results with a goal
  • Anyone pursuing deeper experiences of light and purification
  • Anyone working to protect their community
  • Anyone amassing wealth to help others