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Kukuta Fire Lab (Homa)

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Kukuta Homa and the Deity

The Kukuta (Rooster) Homa is a very powerful fire ritual done to invoke one of Lord Muruga's powerful mounts (the vehicle), the Rooster. The Kukuta Homa is the most powerful way to destroy the negative elements in your life that keep you lethargic, unmotivated and "trapped" in debt, relationships and poor health.

Speciality of Kukuta Homa

Muruga has often played a major role in educating the humans about a higher life. He is basically a celestial warrior constantly involved in killing demons that prevent light from entering the earth plane. The flag of his army depicts a rooster. In the war, the demon Surapadma was split into two, and each half was granted a boon by Murugan. The halves thus turned into the peacock (his mount) and the rooster.
Recommended Timings for Kukuta Homa

Mars Hora and Shashti Tithis are recommended to perform Kukuta Homa.

Mantra for Kukuta Homa

Om Saam Sum Sarvanabavaya Namah

Benefits of Kukuta Homa

  • Brings all-round success
  • The energy of Kukuta destroys the negative elements
  • People are freed of lethargy
  • Unmotivated people will get a lime light to live in
  • Conditions like ‘trapped’ in debt, relationships and poor health get alleviated
  • Those who desire to win in all their endeavors

Kukuta Homa invigorates the lives of:

  • People who are suffering from negative impacts on their lives
  • People who long to attain success in life
  • People who wish to get rid of debts
  • People who want to get rid of hitches in their lives