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Subramanya Yantra

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Why Subramanya Yantra?

Are you lagging behind in confidence and wisdom? Possess the Subramanya Yantra to boost your confidence level and to power up your intelligence. Subramanya (Lord Muruga) is an embodiment of confidence and knowledge; he stimulates your confidence level and gifts you with success in all your endeavors. His Yantra comes handy to you for empowering and enhancing your confidence and wisdom.

Speciality of Subramanya Yantra

Only the stairs of confidence will lead you to the pinnacle of success; when these stairs are weak, you will falter in your efforts to succeed. Subramanya Yantra will revamp your confidence level; it will endow you with wisdom and the power to achieve victory. The Yantra will mediate between you and Lord Subramanya; it will rebuild your will power to accomplish your goals and desires.

The Yantra will positively kindle confidence and wisdom, two vital elements in your life. It will bring your skills to the fore, and you will always be the epitome of confidence!

Mantra for Subramanya Yantra

  • Karthikayaiya Vidh Mahe
  • Shakti Hastiya Dhi Mahi
  • Tanno Skanda Prachodayat
  • Alternatively, this mantra can be used instead: 
  • Om Saum Saravanabavaya Namaha

(The specified Mantra is to be recited for 108 times as a standard rule; however, changes if any will be mentioned at the time of buying.)

How to Use the Subramanya Yantra ?

Yantras are great cosmic conductors of energy, an antenna of Nature, a powerful tool for harmony, prosperity, success, good health, yoga and meditation! Yantras consist of a series of geometric patterns. The eyes and mind concentrate at the center of the yantra to achieve higher levels of consciousness. Yantras are usually made out of copper.

  • Place the Yantra facing the East or the North in a clean and sacred altar.
  • Do not let other people touch the Yantra.
  • Periodically wash the Yantra with rose water or milk. Then, rinse it with water and wipe it to dry. The Yantra’s color may change over a period of time; however this does not dilute the power of the Yantra.
  • Place rounded dots of sandalwood paste on the 4 corners and in the center of the Yantra.
  • Light a candle or ghee lamp and an incense stick in front of the Yantra. You can offer fresh or dry fruits as Prasad, as well.
  • Chant the Mantra above in front of the Yantra, preferably after showering.

Subramanya Yantra stimulates the lives of:

  • People who are lacking confidence
  • Business holders who are facing continuous losses
  • People who yearn to become knowledgeable
  • People who wish to achieve success in all their endeavors
  • People who desire to face up to paying off their debts
  • People who seek to present themselves with more assurance and leadership
  • People who know they need more energy to tackle their issues
  • People who want a winner’s attitude and a warrior’s resolve
Product Specifications Information:
Weight 150
Length 3
Breadth 3