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Parvati Beauty Pooja

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Parvati Beauty Pooja and the Deity

Parvati has many forms and in one of her forms she is the Goddess of Beauty. When you pray to her, she can bless you with attractiveness. She also represents Jnana Shakti (the wisdom energy) and her Pooja can bestow you with enormous knowledge.

Recommended Timings for Parvati Beauty Pooja

This ritual is best done on Fridays. It can be done on 4th Moon, 4th Moon, 13th Moon, 14th Moons and Full Moon Phases. It should be done at the auspicious Moon or Venus Horas.

Mantra for Parvati Beauty Pooja

Om Hreem Sundharambigaayai Namah
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Parvati Beauty Pooja will renew the lives of:

  • Persons who want to look good
  • Individuals who wish to get married