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Power Day of Lord Muruga
Aadi Krithigai - July 31st 2013, IST


Aadi Krithigai also spelled as Aadi Krithika is celebrated on the Krittika star day during the month of Aadi, a spiritual month for special God based activities. It is of human origin to survive with relationship and financial problems at the least. Muruga is the promising primordial power who wards off the negative forces and obstacles of your life. Appeasing this savior archetype with rituals will help you win his blessings to pacify your relationship problems and improve your bondage with your life partner. Overcoming your property related issues is at his hold, as he is the ruler of Mars.

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Astrological Significance of Aadi Krithigai 2013

Aadi Krithigai falls on July 31st, IST. It is the occasion when Sun is in Cancer and Moon is in the star of Krittika. Lord Muruga is the ruler of the star Krittika; hence, this is Muruga’s power day. On this day, Moon is getting placed between Ketu and Jupiter and both will influence a person to become more insightful and gain more wisdom and knowledge. Any research activity undertaken on this day will yield good results. Planning activity is advisable on this day since it is possible to foresee the matters and prevent the damages.

Astronomically, Krittika is a group of 6 stars, who came down as 6 young ladies (karthigai pengal) to take care of 6 babies. Hence, Krittika has dual importance:

  • Being the birth star of Lord Muruga
  • 6 Krittika Ladies brought up Muruga

Archetypal Being Shiva and Goddess Parvati granted Karthigai pengal ( 6 Krittika ladies) with the boon that special poojas for Muruga will be held on every Krittika nakshatra.

Worship Lord Muruga on Aadi Krithigai

Join us in offering prayers to Lord Muruga on His power day at His power spots, which will help you prosper in 6 specific areas of your life – Wisdom, Power, Health, Victory, Relationship and Prosperity. Moreover, this is a good day to seek blessings from Archetypal Being Shiva’s family, i.e:- Lord Ganesha for Ketu, Lord Shiva for Jupiter, Lord Subramaniya for Krittika and Goddess Parvati for Moon. Prayers to full Shiva’s family will be helping us for getting more and more good results.


Vel - Muruga’s Weapon

Muruga's Vel is a psychic weapon representing Shakti or higher intelligence. Muruga received the Vel as a gift from his mother Parvati to destroy bad karma, darkness and diseases. Worshipping the energized Vel will grant you Lord Muruga’s grace to drive out the negative bonds of Karma.

Free DIY (Do It Yourself) Practice

Lord Muruga - 6 Headed Warrior God

The 2nd practice is for the Archetype, Lord Muruga. He is energy is present on the earth plane on Aadi Krithigai which falls on July 31th, IST; when the Sun is in Cancer and the Moon is in the star of Krittika. Call on Lord Muruga to destroy negative influences that are stopping you. Evil eye, curses, other dark pressures manifesting as confusion, depression and illness are driven out. Muruga's Light gives you clear thinking, courage, strength, and self-confidence. He empowers you with winner's consciousness, especially in your profession.

Master the six syllables of Muruga’s Mantra and obtain winner's consciousness.

SA- Gives you the pleasing quality to attract everybody
RA- Gives the opportunity to enjoy prosperity
VA- Dissolves your physical discomforts and debts
NA- Resolves your problems through enemies
BA- Brings happiness in life
VA- Destroys evil and negative forces

Meditation Practice for Lord Muruga.

While performing the meditation hold in your mind what it is you want to accomplish.

Mantra for Muruga and the Vel

Repeat Muruga’s Mantra 108 times (or repeat as long as you like) Om Som Saravana Bhava Namaha

Pronounced: (Aum Sow Sa-Ra-Va-Na Bha-Va Na-Ma-Ha)