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Venus Incense 6 Pack

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Venus or Shukra if is placed well in your horoscope then lighting Udumbara incense cones helps you have a more stable life and blesses you with attractiveness, grace, elegance and long life. Whereas; if the Venus is ill placed, you might have to suffer from vanity, corruption, lack of taste and refinement and ageing; however, lighting Udumbara incense cones help you to gain peace of mind.

Udumbara ( Ficus racemosa)

Udumbara is one of several trees known as "strangling figs" due to their often developing as seeds dropped on the branches of a host tree. In Buddhist literature, this tree or its fruit may carry the connotation of rarity, parasitism or Vedic mysticism.

Note: You will receive 6 packs (or boxes) of incense. Each box will contain 18 incense cones made of Udumbura and a metal plate on which you can light and place the incense cone.

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