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Navagraha Incense Combo (6 Packs each for 9 Planets= 972 Pillars)

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In Vedic Astrology, the 9 Planets influence our minds on Earth and each carries a specific energy that connects in a specific way to each of us at birth and all throughout our life. The 9 Planets are transmitters of universal and archetypal energy. We experience life through the movement of the 9 Planets or "Navagrahas". "Nava" means 9 and "graha" represents planet.

It is important for you to connect with the Navagrahas so that you aren’t trapped into a certain destiny. The 9 Planet Incenses are made with a specific herb sacred to each planet, and have the power to direct the positive energies towards you to influence your fortune. Mitigate the afflictions of different planets on you or strengthen their positive effects.

Ways to Use This 9 Planet/Navagraha Incense:

1. Connect daily to the energy of the day (Sunday burn Sun Incense and Ketu Incense, Monday burn Moon Incense and Rahu Incense, Tuesday burn Mars Incense, Wednesday burn Mercury Incense, Thursday burn Jupiter Incense, Friday burn Venus Incense, Saturday burn Saturn Incense)
2. Connect daily to the energy of the hour/hora (a planet rules each hour in the day as well)
3. Remedy planetary afflictions or strengthen positive planetary influences.
4. Enjoy the experience of the unique, divine scent!

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