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Mercury Incense 6 Pack

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Mercury or Budha if is placed well in your horoscope then lighting Apamarga incense cones will help you have more rationality, wit and dexterity. Whereas; if the Budha is ill placed, it might lead to lack of concentration, speech and hearing impediments; however, lighting Apamarga incense cones nullifies the ill effects of Mars and boosts positive energy around you.

Apamarga(Botanical name: Achyranthes aspera)
Apamarga has been described as a divine medicine in the Vedas. Apamarga grows in plenty in wasteland and by the roadsides throughout the Indian sub-continent. It is famous as a herbal lithotriptic agent (that breaks the urinary stones. digestive, expectorant, anti-inflammatory and a killer of intestinal worms. Apamarga also possess blood-purifying and anti-endotoxin properties

Note: You will receive 6 packs (or boxes) of incense. Each box will contain 18 incense cones made of Apamarga and a metal plate on which you can light and place the incense cone.

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